Monday, August 13, 2012

Catholic Nuns caught stealing babies in USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Spain then selling in adoptions: $$$

The world is awakening to the fact that the Vatican is the most criminal organization in existence. Watch the BBC documentary exposing how the catholic nuns stole 300,000 babies in Catholic hospitals, but now the documentary below proves how the catholic nuns were doing the exact same thing in USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland in their catholic maternity homes where they stole the children from unwed mothers. It is important to note that the second video I have posted here exposes how the same thing was done in Argentina. Be sure to visit to see what the Vatican and its criminal nuns have employed worldwide to enrich themselves through baby trafficking. Jose Luis De Jesus, God on Earth, is here to expose them all and we are here to document the soon fall of the Great Harlot - the Catholic Church!

Nuns stealing millions of babies in Canada, USA and Australia:

Nuns caught stealing babies from unwed mothers in Argentina under 'Videla': 

Nuns stealing babies in Spain's catholic hospitals and maternity homes:

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